FatCat Servers CDN Services

Lightning Fast Speed

By storing data closer to your users FatCat CDN delivers your content with insane speeds no matter where your users are located, lowering latency and packet loss for maximum performance. Your website will feel faster than ever!

SEO and User Experiance

Fast websites are essential for good user experience and satisfaction. Just 1 second faster load time can drastically increase your conversion rates. Search engines test for this as well and prioritize the faster websites, meaning you get better page ranking and increased website traffic.

FatCat CDN Features

  • HTTP/2
  • GZip
  • Cache Query Strings
  • HTTP STreaming
  • Byte range requests
  • Video Delivery
  • Free Shared SSL
  • Use your own SSL
  • 16 Global DataCenters
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Automatic Healing
  • SSD Powered

16 Global Datacenters


London, Paris, Falkenstein, Bucharest, Stockholm, Madrid

 United States

New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle

 Asia & Oceania

Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney

 South America

São Paulo