DO NOT "Open Me"

  • Wednesday, 27th April, 2016
  • 19:12pm

As Ransomware ramps up even more, I am seeing emails with documents that look legitimate but are not and will ultimately unleash havoc on your computer and servers if you open and enable. Trust me when I say they will make you have a very bad day (or week).


Even, if you receive a document from someone you know, DO NOT ENABLE MACROS / CONTENT  unless you absolutely know what it is.

These macros are used to load additional software from the internet directly into your computer’s memory bypassing your virus detection. (you thought you were protected, but you’re not immune) The attachments are seldom caught as a threat.


Often personal computers are compromised and infected without the user knowing it.  The compromised computer is then used to send out SPAM (Phishing emails) to infect others. This can make it look even more legitiment.


These systems are sophisticated enough now, that they will do their work undetected, and lie dormant for 30+ days (long enough to infiltrate backup cycles) then lock down the encrypted files that will hold you ransom.


Until the US Government puts an end to the anonymous use of Bit Coin, we will continue to see a rise in this activity and it will become even more creative. (Harder to detect and easier to fall prey)


Don’t open ZIP files or Documents  (doc/docx) from anywhere you don’t expect them.  UPS, AMAZON, etc. don’t send ZIP files or word documents. DON’T OPEN IT.


The IRS and Court systems do not subpoena or send official correspondence via email, DON’T OPEN IT.


Fight your sense of urgency (anger, shock, or insert other emotion here) and DON’T OPEN IT.


I send this just to heighten your awareness and challenge you be aware when working with seamlessly harmless email. It’s the number one method of infection and compromise.


Share this with your friends and family and make sure everyone has a friendly reminder of the dangers that lurk inside our own domain.




Robert Taylor

FatCat Servers

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