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FatCat Servers File and Folder Permissions

FatCat Servers utilizes suPHP an Apache module that runs PHP scripts as the owner of the file instead of 'Nobody'. This articles main focus is about the permissions , so we wont get into suPHP

No Folders or Files should be higher than 755 period , if you run a folder at 777 it can leave you vulnerable to rootkits or malware installed to your website

Recommended Settings

IMPORTANT: The public_html file is set at 750 and should never be changed, if you delete this folder then recreate it it will not work, you will have to turn in a support ticket for us to fix it

All folders inside the public_html set to 755 , even if the script calls for 777 , it will work at 755 - that is what suPHP does

All Files set to Maximum of 644

For extra security 

Files will run at 600, if they are only manually updated, 400 is most secure NOTE: if you do this they will have to be changed back to 600 or 644 if you need to edit them

In Summary:

Folders Permissions
public_html 750
All other folders 755
All Files Maximum   644
Supported for Files  400,600,644

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