Default Index Priority

Default Index Priority FatCat Servers Any of the following files will load automatically, if there is more than one in the folder, Apache will load using the following priority* index.php ... View

How To Set Up A Cron Job

This tutorial is going to show you how to setup a cron job using FatCat Servers Web Hosting cPanel You can set a command or script to run at a specific time every day, week, etc. This tutorial ... View

How to Create Custom Error Pages

This tutorial will teach how to create custom Error Pages for your FatCat Servers Web Hosting Account. Create error pages for 404 Not Found errors and 500 Internal Server Errors, along with 28 other ... View

Use cPanel to control WordPress crons

Add a cPanel "Real" cron to control WordPress Cron jobs WordPress runs it's crons every time the page is loaded causing many issues. By disableing this eature in WordPress and using cPanel to run ... View

Using Index Manager

Using the Index Manager in FatCat Servers Web Hosting cPanel By default if there is not a file found in the Index Priority List, in a given directory, the contents of that directory will NOT be ... View

Using cPanel WebDisk

Web Disk                                                         This documentation is for cPanel & WHM version 54    (Home >> Files >> Web Disk) Overview ... View