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How can I black-list an email address or entire domain? Print

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  • Blacklist a single email address: Send an email to assp-persblack@yourdomain.com and put the email you want whitlisted i.e. "user@domain.com"  in the body section (where yourdomain.com is your actual domain and user@domain.com is the email address to be whitelisted)
  • Blacklist a full domain: Send an email to assp-persblack@yourdomain.com and you should put "*@domain.com" on the body of the message (where yourdomain.com is your actual domain and domain.com is the domain name to be whitelisted)

In a short time you will receive a whitelist confirmation (Blacklisr Addition Report).

IMPORTANT: You must send this email from a valid @yourdomain.com email account.

NOTE: Any time you send an email to someone, the email address will be whitelisted automatically
IMPORTANT: Never reply to a spammer, this will add them to the white-list

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