FatCat Servers Recommended File Permissions

  • 28th May 2012
FatCat Servers File and Folder Permissions FatCat Servers utilizes suPHP an Apache module that runs PHP scripts as the owner of the file instead of 'Nobody'. This articles main focus is about the permissions , so we wont get into suPHP No Folders or Files should ever be higher than 755. If you run a folder at 777 it can leav you vunerable to ...
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Attracta Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

  • 23rd May 2012
Great news for our customers: Attracta is here... and it's Free! We are pleased to announce that we've added Attracta's industry-leading SEO Tools to your account. Go to your control panel to get started! To go to your control panel, go to "your-url/cpanel" and log in using your credentials. For ...
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Fatcat Servers supports DKIM - Domain Keys Identified Mail

  • 25th March 2012
We have been testing DKIM and have it fully functional. In short DKIM - Domain Keys Identified Mail , will allow the receiving server to identify the sending server with a digital key similar to SSL. Using DKIM will help to prevent your email from being rejected as spam. Want a full explnation? Reat this article DKIM What is it and why do ...
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FatCat Servers is reducing the prices of PC-Backups Offsite Backup Service

  • 28th June 2011
FatCat Servers is happy to announce new pricing and packages for our PC-Backups Offsite Backup service. The old packages and pricing :1GB $9.952GB $14.955GB $24.9510GB $34.9525GB $79.95 The new packages and prices :5GB $7.9510GB $14.9525GB $34.9550GB $59.95100GB $99.95150GB $139.95200GB $179.95 Existing clients will have their prices adjusted ...
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