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How To Unblock an IP Address from a FatCat Webserver Print

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FatCat Servers Firewall Auto Un-Blocker

To unblock an IP from the blocked location, simply login to the FatCat Servers Members Area. Dont know how? Please view the tutorial named "How to Login to the Members Area"

If you are blocked you will recieve a message similar to this, letting you know the unblock was successful as well aas the date, time and reason reason you were blocked.

FatCat Servers Unblock Notice

To Manually Unblock an IP Address

You must first login the the FatCat Servers Members Area.Dont know how? Please view the tutorial named "How to Login to the Members Area"

Click on the link "Unblock IP"

Enter the IP address in the box below "Check for blocked IP"

Click "Search and Remove" button, The results will show below.


Note: You will only See webservers that you currently have accounts on

Unblock an IP by sending Email

You can also unblock an IP address by sending it in an email to fatcatservers read "How to unblock IP by sending an Email"

If you have any trouble unblocking an IP, Please turn a support ticket

This concludes this tutorial. You should know how to unblock an IP address from FatCat's Webservers.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to logout of the FatCat Servers Members Area when you are done by clicking on the Logout Link from the "My Account" dropdown in the top center of the page

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