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How to Login to the FatCat Servers Members Area

From the FatCat Servers Website.

Click on the menu link "Members Area" or the "Login" dropdown.

FatCat Servers Web Hosting - Members Area Login Links

This is the Login Dialog for the FatCat Servers Members Area. Enter the email address associated with your account and the password then click "Login"

If you forgot your password you can cliek the "Lost Password Reset" Link at the bottom of the form.
IMPORTANT: You must use the email address associated with your FatCat Servers account.

FatCat Servers Members Login Dialog

IMPORTANT:Password is different than the login details for your cPanel

NOTE: If you forgot the password, fill in the email address and click the "Lost Password Reset" Botton

You are now logged in to FatCat Servers Members Area and can begin to manage your hosting services, invoices, billing information, and more.

MPORTANT: Please remember to logout of the FatCat Servers Members Area when you are done by clicking on the Logout Link from the "My Account" dropdown in the top center of the page

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