DO NOT "Open Me"

As Ransomware ramps up even more, I am seeing emails with documents that look legitimate but are not and will ultimately unleash havoc on your computer and servers if you open and enable. Trust me when I say they will make you have a very bad day (or week).   Even, if you receive a document from someone you know, DO NOT ENABLE MACROS / CONTENT  unless you absolutely know what it is. These macros are used to load additional software ... More



FatCat Servers id proud ot announce its recent decision to impliment KernelCare on all of its Shared Hosting Servers. KernelCare provides automated kernel updates that do not require a system restart to complete insstallation This keeps our servers free of kernal vunerabilities by providing the latest kernel updates days or even weeks faster and with 0 downtime to the server We offer this service for our VPS or dedicated server customers for ... More


ASSP Spam Scanner Remote Functions

Assp Spam Scanner Functions Following is a list of the available remote functions of the FatCat Servers ASSP email interface:   Important: Make sure you are sending the report email using FatCat Servers Mail Servers Replace 'yourdoamin.com' with your actual domain If possible forward as an attachment, but you can forward messages inline if need be remove any automatically added signatures from forwarded messages ... More


FatCat Servers Recommended File Permissions

FatCat Servers File and Folder Permissions FatCat Servers utilizes suPHP an Apache module that runs PHP scripts as the owner of the file instead of 'Nobody'. This articles main focus is about the permissions , so we wont get into suPHP No Folders or Files should ever be higher than 755. If you run a folder at 777 it can leav you vunerable to rootkits or mailware installed to your website Reccommended Settings IMPORTANT: The ... More


Attracta Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Great news for our customers: Attracta is here... and it's Free! We are pleased to announce that we've added Attracta's industry-leading SEO Tools to your account. Go to your control panel to get started! To go to your control panel, go to "your-url/cpanel" and log in using your credentials. For example, if your website URL is "www.sampleURL.com" ... More


Fatcat Servers supports DKIM - Domain Keys Identified Mail

We have been testing DKIM and have it fully functional. In short DKIM -  Domain Keys Identified Mail , will allow the receiving server to identify the sending server with a digital key similar to SSL. Using DKIM will help to prevent your email from being rejected as spam. Want a full explnation? Reat this article DKIM What is it and why do we need it? At this time in order to enable DKIM for your email you will need ... More


FatCat Servers introduces FC100 Hosting starting at $4.95 Monthly *

FC100   500 MB Website Hosting Space 5000 MB Website Bandwidth 2 My SQL Databases Unlimited Sub Domains Unlimited eMail Addresses cPanel 11 with RV Skin Website Management Panel Free - RV Sitebuilder PRO Free ASSP Deluxe Professional SPAM Control - Managed in cPanel 11 Free Nightly and Weekly Backups with Free unlimited restores Free Softalicious Premiium and Fantastico Deluxe - Over 200 User installable ... More


Check out Web Disk

FatCat Servers offers Web Disk. Web Disk is a cPanel Program that will let you store files "On the Cloud" and access them from anywhere you have web access. Read more here Web Disk How-To ... More



Softaculous is an Auto Script installer for blogs, forums, RSS feeds and much more.   It can be used to install scripts and software without you having to upload files. You don't need to create any database for the scripts and go through the complex procedures of installing these software packages! ... More