Email scams are on the rise!

  • 24th April 2020
Scams are on the rise – Your amazon account is on hold, your apple account has been suspended and so on. Some have 800 numbers for you to call, while others just want you to click that convenient button in the email.   Do not trust the phone numbers in the email or the buttons. Do not trust incoming calls.  Go to your records or web ...
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DO NOT "Open Me"

  • 27th April 2016
As Ransomware ramps up even more, I am seeing emails with documents that look legitimate but are not and will ultimately unleash havoc on your computer and servers if you open and enable. Trust me when I say they will make you have a very bad day (or week).   Even, if you receive a document from someone you know, DO NOT ENABLE MACROS / CONTENT ...
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  • 13th June 2015
FatCat Servers id proud ot announce its recent decision to impliment KernelCare on all of its Shared Hosting Servers.KernelCare provides automated kernel updates that do not require a system restart to complete insstallationThis keeps our servers free of kernal vunerabilities by providing the latest kernel updates days or even weeks faster and ...
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ASSP Spam Scanner Remote Functions

  • 12th October 2014
Assp Spam Scanner Functions Following is a list of the available remote functions of the FatCat Servers ASSP email interface:   Important: Make sure you are sending the report email using FatCat Servers Mail Servers Replace '' with your actual domain If possible forward as an attachment, but you can forward messages ...
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