ASSP Deluxe Anti-SPAM

ASSP works well without any changes, but has a lot of features available to customize for different applications. For example you can choose not to scan for spam at all for a sales lead mailbox.
You can block spammers, whitelist senders or domains, and much more by sending a mail to the ASSP system. Full List here

ASSP Deluxe features

  • Ability to enable/disable spam filters per domain or subdomain
  • Detailed Spam Log
  • Local addresses checks, Delaying, Antivirus, ASSP Scoring Mode

Advanced SPAM Box plugin

  • SPAM POP3 collection per domain
  • SPAM IMAP collection per email
  • SPAM collection on forwarders
  • SPAM collection on default email
  • Integrated help for Webmail
  • possibility to read spam using the cPanel way (adding /spam to POP3 email)
  • Each SPAM Box feature is configurable by the user using the ASSP Deluxe for cPanel front end.
  • Automatic cleaning of SPAM boxes after n days and/or if the email account is greater then ‘n’ kbytes.
  • Daily spam reports. Daily email report sent to each user (fully configurable by the user)
  • Automatic language switch based on current cPanel or RvSkin language.
  • SPAM messages can be read using the ASSP scoring log pages
  • SPAM messages can be released to the user INBOX