What are clients say about us…

We have had our website hosted with FatCat Servers since 2003. Since they have been our web hosting provider we have had not had any downtime, and their customer service is very fast and friendly when we have had any questions.

They have answered any questions we had when we were setting up our website , and installed scripts to our account at no charge.

We highly recommend FatCat Servers if you are looking for a web host provider.

We have subscribed to the FatCat Servers managed website hosting package since 2004.

We have always had excellent service and have not ever had any outages.

The spam filters are phenomenal, and any time we request an email address, or an auto-responder to be added or removed, the turnaround time is always fast.

We also use the offsite backup services which have saved us a few times over the years , from a hard drive failure in one of our servers, to saving us many hour of work because of an accidental deleted file folder

I would recommend FatCat Servers for web hosting and offsite backup services, we have always had fast and courteous support for first class services.

Thanks again for all your help. I know I’ve been bugging the crap out of you with a thousand stupid questions but I wanted you to know that all of us here really appreciate it. We’ve changed webhosting companies at least twice in the past five years and it has never gone this smoothly.

The only problems we have encountered have mostly been due to me screwing up a setting (getting a password wrong or typing a domain name incorrectly) and our clients have been really happy with the sudden reduction in spam.

So thanks again. So far, we’re really happy we made the switch to you for our webhosting

We have hosted with FatCat Servers since January 2010.  I have found Ken to be outstanding whenever a support issue, or any question, arises.  I heartily recommend him and them!