Configure to retrieve email from your FatCat Servers Account

Now that you have signed up for a Microsoft Account with your existing email address, you can configure to collect your mail from your current mail account.

  1. Go to the webpage and sign in with the email address and password you have specified when setting up your Microsoft Account if you are not automatically signed in already.
  2. Click on the “Continue to inbox” button when you get a “Welcome to your new inbox”. You’ll find this and additional information also in an email that has been placed in your Inbox from the Outlook Team.
  3. In the top right corner but on the left of your name, you’ll see a gear icon. Click on it and from the menu that pops up choose: Options.


  1. Click on “Mail”
  2. Under the “Accounts” section click on “Connected Accounts”


  1. Under “Add a connected account” Click on “Other Email Accounts”
  2. On the “Connect your email account”  fill out the email address and password for your account NOTE: This is not your Hotmail Password
  3. Choose to create a new folder for this email, or select  to use Hotmail’s default inbox
  4. Click OK to complete the configuration.
  5. You’ll now get a confirmation message that your messages are being collected and with the option to return to your Inbox or to verify your account status.